Let’s consider mental health

Have you ever fallen madly in love, and then found out the person you love is struggling with mental health issues? It’s a hot topic


I didn’t feel the spark

What is it when you feel a spark with someone? How is this elusive chemical reaction generated between two people? Everyone seems to be looking


How dating has changed

Now I don’t want to go back too far on this subject, but there was obviously a time when a man’s pulling power was directly


Why dating is hard

Dating is hard because of expectations. Let me break it down for you. The word ‘date’ assumes two people have organised a time and a


Why dating apps are bad…

They’re actually not bad, they’re amazing in my opinion, but we’ll get to that. It’s the behaviour that’s been developed as a result of dating


Will dating help me move on?

I’m going to give you some pretty direct advice here. But in answering this question, let’s assume that you’ve suffered a proper heart break, or

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