What is Concha?

Concha is a mobile dating app that provides a world-first Swipe, Match, Talk dating service. With our in-app call function, it’s completely safe to talk with a matched love interest, without giving up your phone number. Hearing someone’s voice is such an important part of feeling attraction.
We called our app Concha, taking the name from the beautiful conch shell, which has been a symbol of talking and listening for many cultures over many centuries.

Is it free?

When you log in and setup your account, you’ll be able to start swiping straight away. All users will be able to swipe right on 50 profile cards per day, send 1 compliment per week, 5 voice messages per week, and make 1 call per week, free.

The in-app call

Concha is different to other dating apps, because we believe talking before texting is a much more powerful way to build a connection. So you won’t be wasting your time with endless texting.

Once you’ve matched with a potential love interest, you’ll be able to call them (at the right time), or send them a voice message. You’ll see if someone’s available to talk as their profile features a green icon, which indicates the optimum time to call.


A compliment gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by offering someone a gift. It’ll also give you the option of choosing a predetermined message to send with the gift. We think this is an incredibly cute feature, so we hope you enjoy it.


You’ll have the option to swipe right on potential love interests up to 50 times per day. Each profile has a number of sections that tell you more about the person you’re looking at. We find that taking time to think about your potential love interest is a good way to ensure you’re giving each profile consideration, instead of mindlessly swiping on photos.

Your profile

Tell a story about who you are by decorating your profile page and using the prompts to select key personality traits. Its quick, fun, and an easy way to describe yourself in a few bite size words that could be the ice-breaker for your next conversation

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Coming Soon...

Concha is still in active development.
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