Are you single single?

Here’s a question you should ask your next date, “are you single single?”

So what does this mean? I’ll break it down for you (if it’s not already obvious), and then we’ll have some fun disparaging those who play the field while leading people on. So essentially this question is designed to double check if your next date is actually ready to meet someone for a real relationship, or whether they’re just looking for another person to add to their dating roster.

You see, there’s plenty of folk out there, men and woman (mostly men?) who are dating someone and still looking online for a gap-filler. There’s people who literally check their dating apps while on a date! Hell there’s even people out there who are married and you’ll find them online trawling for an unscrupulous hook up. Now, perhaps if everything is out in the open, you could say there’s nothing wrong with that, if no one is getting hurt. But if such a person innocently promotes themselves as being emotionally available and ready for a relationship, well, you can see the problem.

A good way of calling these people out is asking them if they’re ready for a chat, as in, a real conversation. Trawlers usually want to confirm that their prey is ready for a quick hook up before committing to a conversation, and they do this through the carefree medium of texting. Talking on the phone is too serious for a trawler, emotions are kryptonite for them.

Perhaps one day there’ll be a way of weeding out these people on ‘above board’ dating apps, or segregating them into a likeminded bunch of dating transients, free to engage in meaningless hookups. Until then, ask if they’re “single single”, and if they’re ready to talk, and save your emotional energy for someone genuine.

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