Texting, the best way to spoil a date

I recently met someone online that I was really excited about. She was attractive and seemed to have similar interests to me. We exchanged lots of voice messages (at one point there were so many that we probably should have just called each other!), and things were going well. Then, at some point I sent her a few texts and received this “hey your tone seems to have changed”. I panicked. She somehow mis-interpreted my tone and thought I was being derogatory. I sent her a voice message and immediately saved it. But even though we were back on track with the trusty voice message, she was reluctant to move to an actual phone call.

I’m writing this blog to encourage online daters to graduate through the range of communications at a steady pace. We all know that too much texting gets boring and the feeling is likely to fade out, as your match (or you) matches with someone else and starts a new exciting interaction. So, to mitigate that, send a voice message! After a few voice messages, make a call! After a few calls, meet! It’s logical right?

The other issue I’ve been up against is trying to organise a date via text. Twice recently I’ve been messed around by poor communication when planning an actual date. One of those times I was given the wrong location to meet, I walked half an hour in the wrong direction, texting as I walked, trying to home in on my date’s said location. When I arrived at the agreed destination, she admitted she had mixed up the locations, and we were indeed 5km apart.

So, if you’re serious about meeting someone, and you want to make sure your message isn’t mis-interpreted, or that location is correct, please… pretty please, call them. Use your voice, discuss your feelings, plan your meeting, have a proper conversation, get excited, and avoid disappointment.       

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