3 things to consider before you start dating

So you’ve signed up to a new dating app with the world-first Swipe-Match-Call (yep that’s right, talk before text!) with high hopes of meeting someone to spend your life with. Someone that you can learn from whilst experiencing amazing adventures together. Sounds blissful!

But there is one thing that I want you to ask yourself before you start talking, and that is, how are you feeling about yourself? And how do you feel about dating? What is your attitude going in to this? And what are the things that have influenced your attitude? Have you maybe just come out of a relationship and are nursing some wounds, or, have you been single for a while and haven’t had much luck in the dating scene. If this is you, and you’re rocking a bit of cynism right now, keep reading! But wherever you’re at right now, check in with yourself and ask, how am I comming across?

There are a few reasons why I’m asking you this question:

  1. We all want to have the best experiences in life, and you would of heard the old expression ‘like attracts like’. When you’re feeling happy and content, you’re more likely to have experiences that will match your state of being, which is how you think, and how you feel. Sure, life does throw in some curve balls, but it’s an opportunity to reflect and continue to improve ourselves and grow.
  2. If you’re feeling wounded from a past relationship or not 100% happy within yourself, take some time to do some work on YOU. Think about how you feel, talk to a friend, seek counsel and write down how you’re feeling about yourself personally, and then how you’re feeling when it comes to dating. There is so much good content out there on personal growth, and a multitude of modalities to help you feel your best – take the time and effort to work on yourself – you absolutely won’t regret it.
  3. Review your values. This is a big one. Are you living a life aligned to your own values? It may be something seemingly innocuous like caring for the environment, or like working in a job that you’re aligned with personally. This is especially important for a review before you start dating becuse when you’re aware of your own values, you are more likely not to settle for someone with conflicting values, beacuse later on down the track, if your partner isn’t aligned, typically the relationship won’t work.

Lastly, we’ve all met that person that shines from the inside – you’ve seen them before, and it’s amazing how attractive they are! Everyone want to spend time with that person who makes them feel good about themselves. The good news is, you can be that person too. We want the best experience for you when it comes to using Concha. We’re here every step of the way for you. If you need any help – feel free to reach out to us – after all, we’re a community of people who believe in love!

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