Ghosting after the first date

I’m not sure if there’s some people out there ruining it for others, or if people are becoming socially anxious and devoid of common courtesy. Have you ever been out with someone and had a great night, texted them the next day (or the day after), and not got a reply? What kind of dick-move is that?

If I text you the next day, maybe I’m interested, it doesn’t mean I want to marry you. If you’re not interested, then I’ll probably pick up on that in your response. For example, you’ll close the conversation with ‘have a good week’, or ‘hope you had a good night’. As opposed to opening a conversation with ‘how was the rest of your weekend?’ or ‘how did you pull up on Sunday?’. I think if you spend 3 or 4 hours with someone, especially if there’s lots of laughs and conversation and you generally have a good night, then it’s a courtesy to respond.

I guess if the interested party doesn’t get the hint, then you can hold back on subsequent messages, and if push comes to shove, maybe actually just be honest. Let them down nicely. In this world of ghosting and transient dating, I think people should watch their manners. If you don’t have the intelligence or EQ to let someone down nicely, then you’re actually losing.

Every time you upset someone who was respectful to you, by not having the common courtesy to reply, you clock up some bad juju, and you just seem like a dick. Conversely, if you went on a date with a massive douche bag, we’ll forgive you for ghosting them, this blog isn’t for you 🙂

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