Concha – the new ‘Talk before Text’ dating app

If you’ve ever been unmatched, ghosted, disrespected, or if you’ve become tired of the endless texting, the texting fade-outs, or if you’re just frustrated that you can’t actually talk to the person you’re interested in, then Concha is for you!

We were tired of all these aspects, commonly associated with pretty much every dating app on the market. So, we created an app where you ‘talk before text’. With Concha, after you match, you can ONLY send a voice note, or actually call them. After you’ve connected through conversation, then you can text freely. This small change to the process of communication instantly breaks the monotony of texting. It compels people who are serious about meeting their match to invest a little more than just ‘hey’. It humanises the experience and allows users to be heard, and in turn, hear the voice of their new love interest.

The power of voice over text stimulates so many more emotions. It delivers tone and intent, and instantly helps you to build a mental profile of the person you matched with. Concha will also reduce the number of fake profiles that are simply there to send suspicious links. So, help us revolutionise online dating, and build a respectful community of confident people who are serious about meeting real people.

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Concha is still in active development.
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